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Sea glass jewelry


Sea glass Information

We regularly receive a number of questions at Roman Glass Jewelry about our products.  Based on the volume of questions regarding sea glass jewelry, it seems that people want to know more about this category of jewelry.  Some of our most frequently asked questions are below:


What is sea glass?

Sea glass comes from man-made glass that has been exposed to specific conditions over a period of time.  The sea provides those conditions of water, sand, and motion that slowly turn the man-made glass into sea glass.  The sand will move against the glass, wearing it down to a smooth finish and removing all of the sharp edges.  The result is a unique appearance that can range through a wide variety of shapes and colors.


Where is sea glass found?

Sea glass can be found on beaches across the world.  Broken man-made glass finds its way into bodies of water through many different means.  Once man-made glass finds its way into the water, it will eventually find its way to a beach and become sea glass. This process occurs both in salt water and fresh water, so sea glass could also be found at a beach at a fresh water lake.

What kind of shapes and colors can I expect to see in sea glass jewelry?

Each piece of sea glass is one of a kind.  The man-made glass that sea glass comes from will not break in exactly the same manner twice, so the source pieces of glass will never be the same.  Additionally, when the sea's water, sand, and motion smooth the glass into sea glass, it will never wear two pieces of glass in exactly the same way.  Sea glass jewelry offers a truly singular appearance on shape alone.

In terms of color, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from.  If you consider all of the different colors of glass bottles and other glass objects you have seen in your life, then you will see how wide the color range can be.

How does sea glass jewelry look and feel?

Sea glass has a frosted appearance that is prominent both in low and high level light conditions.  Bright light will travel into the sea glass and accentuate the color of the piece.  Over time, as oils and dirt make their way into the porous surface of the sea glass, the color and frosted appearance will fade until the sea glass jewelry is properly cleaned.

Sea glass can be mounted in a variety of metals, but silver tends to be the most common.  Silver compliments the look of sea glass and works will with the most common colors found in sea glass.  Additionally, silver tends to be less expensive than other types of metal, so there are some cost savings that can be had if one chooses to go with silver mounts.

What kinds of jewelry is sea glass used in?

Sea glass jewelry comes in many different styles to suit your personal tastes.  Smaller pieces of sea glass are typically used in rings and earrings.  Larger pieces of sea glass are usually used in necklaces and other large pieces, but can also are displayed as standalone art pieces.  Large pieces of sea glass are rarer than their smaller counterparts, so the majority of sea glass jewelry items tend to be smaller pieces like rings and earrings.


At Roman Glass Jewelry, we have a wide selection of sea glass for you to consider. Please browse our broad range of rings, necklaces, earrings, and other sea glass jewelry to find your perfect piece that matches your unique personality.

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