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Roman Glass Jewelry


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Roman Glass Jewelry Provides Ancient Beauty Today

It was a beautiful and sunny day in Jerusalem, general Pompey enjoyed the mountain breeze and watched the stunning view of the grand city.

Pompey stood at the edge of the porch and had a sip of red wine, satisfied that the bloody victory over the Maccabees is over - those fearsome warriors cost his army a great deal of loss. 

The thoughts of the long and fierce battle caused him anxiety and he dropped his glass on the floor. Pompey watched the shattered glass on the stone floor and stared for a long hour...


Well, I made up that story but who knows, there is a good chance that it happened and the point is that Israel is a source of so much history. 

There are hundreds of archaeology sites discovering more and more facts and treasures from ancient time - its fascinating! 

A piece of the same glass that Pompey has dropped could very well be the same roman glass decorated on your jewel!

You may have seen Roman Glass Jewelry in storefronts or on websites before visiting us today but do you know what makes the jewelry so special or how it gets its unique look?

Roman glass jewelry history

According to, the people of the Roman Empire used more glass than any other ancient civilization.  Places and locations under Roman rule at the time produced glass in larger than expected numbers for the times. 

Places like Israel, who remained under Roman rule for many years, is packed with sand dunes and beaches which made it a perfect place to produce and distribute glassware.

Roman Glass Jewelry Today

Roman glass jewelry is special in that it combines history with beauty and elegance. Today’s Roman glass jewelry is made with the remnants of glass products that were made millennia ago.  Each piece of glass that goes into making today’s pieces were once a part of an ancient vase, bowl, statue of decoration.

The time process of the glass is what gives the jewelry pieces today their distinctive looks. The impurities that were in the glass when made, coupled with the weather and sand that spent all that time in giving the ancient Roman glass the type of luster and beautiful speckling that it is known for.

The Varieties of Roman Glass Jewelry

There are many different types and varieties of Roman Glass Jewelry on the market today, especially online.  Items such as rings, earrings, Roman Glass necklaces, and even silver and gemstone jewelry.

The coloration are just as different as all of the different types. Roman glass comes in beautiful shapes with the unique patina which has been created over the years, it’s the chemical reaction of the glass with the sand that makes the patina glow and sparkle.

Tip:  Before you purchase Roman Glass Jewelry, you should make sure they are a reputable dealer (like us!). There are many frauds, especially online, that can take regular glass and call it Roman Glass jewelry.

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Hi Folks! 

The main idea of this site is to offer you a verity of handmade jewelry that will amaze you! Each item is unique with several designs.

                                                                        Rםומג דןךהקר דאקרךןמע רםצשמ עךשדד רןמע     

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones or for yourself, then jewelry is always fun to receive.

The collections offer silver rings, silver earrings, silver necklaces with dazzling gemstones and the wonderful roman glass.

All items are handmade. each silver ring is size just for you and custom jewelry is offered to an extent.

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Roman glass is unique and found in Israel in several archaeology sites so you are truly getting a chance to literally wear jewelry from ancient times!

This glass jewelry is special and this shop will offer you the largest verity of glass jewelry. You can contact us anytime by mail and we will do our best to get back to you within a business day. 

All of the silver sterling glass jewelry offered here is handmade in Israel and can be shipped almost anywhere. 

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