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What is Roman Glass Jewelry?

Get handmade unique glass jewelry from the roman empire

Roman glass is found in the Middle-East and Israel is one of the main sources of Roman glass. The Roman Empire had a hold over the Holy-land for many years & left a huge amount of the unique glass. Glass was used primarily for the production of vessels, Roman glass production developed from Hellenistic technical traditions, initially concentrating on the production of intensely colored cast glass vessels. These remarkable Roman glass remains from 2000 years ago are inlaid in the glass jewelry.

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Do we offer handmade jewelry? 

Yes! All items are handmade made from scratch, This is why it sometimes takes about 2 business weeks to deliver our glass jewelry

Favorite materials? 

Silver is the base of the jewelry with roman glass that is set on the sterling combined with stunning gemstones such as Amethyst, garnets, a large verity of zircons, mosaic opal, pearls, lapis, coral sponge, druzi agat, kyanite, blue topaz and many more!  

 Jewish jewelry? 

Yes! We offer a wide selection of Judaica jewelry form Israel. The letters from the Jewish Hebrew language are incorporated in the different designs. Roman glass earrings with the Hebrew letters "Hai" meaning "Life"

Or the famous 'Hamsa' meaning 'Five' in Arabic The number 5 fingers that have great mystical value and importance in Jewish tradition.

The Roman glass is also combined with the Menorah, this famous candelabrum have huge symbolic meaning for Jews all over the world.

You will find several versions of the Star of David which symbolizes heroism and commitment that inspired a nation to rise up against all odds.   

Then you have the Dove, Which is a great symbol of peace is seen in various designs. Roman glass earrings and pendants can spread the idea of peace and prosperity through a inspiring handmade silver item.   


What do we mean by One of a kind items? 

Some of the items found on are truly one of a kind, the silver is handcrafted around rare shaped with unique gemstones & roman glass. The idea is that sometimes a gemstone or a piece of roman glass is just too valuable and stunning to process and turn it several stones. The raw beauty cant be ignored so these items really speak for themselves...

These items are handmade once and really cannot be offered again, each gemstone is different, every piece of roman glass is unique and the question is - will you be the lucky one to wear this amazing jewel? Click here to review one of a kind items


Do we offer wholesale jewelry? 

Yes! If you would like to purchase a large amount and get wholesale jewelry prices then please contact us for the  wholesale rates. uses the most known and reliable method of payment PayPal. This means that when you proceed to checkout, you will be routed to the SSL (secure socket layers) encrypted page provided by PayPal, there you will have the option to pay through a safe and well known organization. Your credit information is not shared or stored with any party and all we need is to verify your billing info.


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